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Is your Activewear slowly poisoning you and our planet?

Posted on May 11 2018

  • Do you like to think that you take the best possible care of your body through diet and fitness?
  • Are you environmentally aware and try to be eco-friendly?
  • If so you may be shocked to learn that what you wear to work out may be having the opposite effect!



Repeated studies have shown that some of the leading brands of activewear contain a cocktail of chemicals that wouldn’t be out of place in a chemistry lab. Phthalates, PFC’s, Dimethylformamide and nanoparticle silver are just a few of the unappetising ingredients you could be absorbing through your skin every time you work up a sweat in those stylish gym clothes.


Additives like these are used for a variety of reasons from odour control to their stain repellent properties, and nowhere more so than in the fitness wear industry. However no studies have been undertaken as to the long term effects absorbing these chemicals may have on the human body. They are however, without doubt, toxic. Some with the potential to affect the endocrine system (responsible for hormone production and balance) as Manfred Santen pointed out in a study by Greenpeace into the prevalence of such chemicals in activewear.

At DivAmazon we don’t believe in poisoning our customers! We use only fabrics from the Santaconstancia range that are specially developed to give all the benefits of their toxic counterparts whilst not only omitting the use of potentially harmful chemicals, but also being fully biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Caring for our world is of the utmost importance to DivAmazon also and during our inception we were shocked to discover that some of the most commonly used sportswear fabrics can take up to a decade to break down in landfill!

Also the chemicals used to treat these fabrics eventually work their way into the earth with the potential not only to poison us but also our planet for future generations.

If you’ve never given much thought before to the composition of the fabric in your workout gear you can now rest assured that we have done that for you.

All of our products are non toxic, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. Not only that but they are produced in an ethically sound work environment.

We know that what is important to us is important to you too and caring for your body and our planet is top of the list. Take care of you and take care of nature with DivAmazon! 

Textile Information: 

Finding sustainable solutions for the collective and the planet’s well-being is an ongoing challenge in the improvement of concepts, materials and processes, requiring constant research and investment in best practices for every industry.
Santaconstancia’s goal is the continuous improvement of its fabrics and services, while seeking to optimize resources, production and energy efficiency, resource preservation and reduced environmental impact.

This spirit is reflected in the STA.® CO2Control® label, in which each product is presented with a particular improvement in a productive environment that uses recycled water and incorporating a philosophy of absolute absence of products that are harmful to the human skin, audited by accredited laboratories and certified with the world-renowned Oeko Tex® label.

The label also expresses the collective effort to improve our staff and suppliers in the search for innovative solutions, such as traceable materials and processes, closed production cycles, toxic-free agriculture, and biodegradable synthetic material.


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