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About Us | Brazilian Booty - lifting Activewear

Workout Clothes for Women | Brazilian Booty-lifting Activewear Divamazon

Welcome to DivAmazon. I am Aniko Puhova ( @anikopuhova ), personal trainer, fitness model, and world traveller - I am very happy to introduce to you my beloved collection! Having worked as a personal trainer for many years, it became clear that motivation, fun and colours are what's missing from our workouts, and sometimes from our daily life too! I dreamed up the DivAmazon collection to create clothing that motivates and inspires you, at any stage of your life.


My intention is to liven up your workouts through vibrant clothing that makes you feel comfortable and excited to start your next work out. I designed the perfect collections with you in mind, without compromising quality. These clothes are perfect for any kind of movement, inside or out.

Aniko Puhova Ceo DivAmazon Activewear

DivAmazon clothes are lightweight with high performance features made with biodegradable Santa Constancia fabric in Brazil. The combination of comfort, functionality and style makes DivAmazon the ultimate activewear with lovely neon hues and vivid prints. Browse your favourite range of DivAmazon clothes and choose what makes you feel strong, empowered and stylish.


Be sure to check out our top 2 collections: Our Eco-fit, Sustainable Fashion Selection and our Brazilian Booty-Lifting Leggings Selection. 


Skip the tummy tuck while you work out for those abs - these high-waisted leggings are famous for their waist cinching magic.

These high waisted leggings are designed to prevent slippage and sagging—while helping to shape your butt into that perfect peach shape.

We use the best, high-quality fabrics that smooth and slim your figure while wicking away moisture for that dry fit.

One of our top picks? THE BUBBLE BUTT LEGGINGS, our leggings with anti-cellulite fabric. Soft to the touch, never see-through and amazing to wear for both a heavy workout or just for walking around. These are the best workout leggings and they offer many options to choose from!


Workout Clothes for Women | Brazilian Booty - lifting Activewear Divamazon


Thank you for choosing a product that was made with love and passion.

Divamazon fitness clothes are lightweight and super high quality, workout clothes for women including booty - lifting leggings, bras, tanks and tops.

Workout Clothes for Women | Brazilian Booty - lifting Activewear Divamazon

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