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We are looking for individuals who are influencers and share their passion for fitness, fashion and a healthy lifestyle in a positive way that represents our company.

For online marketing purposes for our clothing, share a photo or video once per week wearing our clothing or sharing a photo or video of our clothing to your followers to help increase interest in our apparel. *Since we are on social media please be aware that quality of photos and videos are important!

Use links on your social media pages that direct your audience to the @divamazon online shop store.

In return for sharing our passion and our brand, we will support you by giving you discounted fitness apparel & ensuring you have it first! In return for sharing our brand to your community of followers page we will help grow your brand as well!

Information will be provided on how to promote DivAmazon. A unique discount code will be presented for you to use when promoting our collections. When sharing your unique discount code; each person that uses your code you will earn a percentage on total purchases!
Contact us if you would be interested in joining our team! (Must be 18 or older!)

How do you apply? Email
- Please list your full name and share with us why we should consider you.
- Share your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, etc.)
- Share your fitness photos with us!
Hope to hear from you soon!


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